“SARK” is a company founded in 2004, mainly dealing with the import and export of industrial products mostly through cooperation with the diesel industry: Armo – Alb-Petrol Sh.A, The Energitik Industri with Kesh Sh.A, with international partners mostly Swedish, Italian, Turkish, Chinese, German, Bulgarian, Greek, Macedonian, Kosovo, Serbian, Armenian. Where SARK has installed its own logo with all legal Koston.

In terms of new developments in the industrialization of the country, SARK SH.PK, the forerunner of this development, has also Sark Sh.pk in the construction industry. Equipped with a technical and professional staff with considerable human resources, one of its assets Important of Sark Shpk was heavily invested in this industry and immediately began to process the situation and was mainly involved in the construction and asphalt of roads of various categories 1-2-3, construction of water supply and sewerage, works of art and cultural works. The implementation of the projects of football pitches with natural system grass, Kalceto, etc. was also invested.

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At the same time, the company began to expand and develop its activities by offering various professions:architect, civil engineer,hydrotechnical engineer,topographer, geodesic engineer, mechanical engineer,electrical engineer, electrotechnical engineer.it immediately began to implement projects in the power industry in the supply and installation of high voltage 6000-20,000 KWA. Thousands of kilometers of overhead lines and various high, medium and low voltages. In the city of Fier Firm Sark shpk, investments were made in the implementation of the iF.v 20,000 Kwa voltage project. This is the first investment in the country’s Albanian energy industry.

The company Sark has also carried out very important projects in the mechanical industry, mainly in the reconstruction of fiery thermal power plants, in Fier boiler No.5 It also increased the investment in the implementation of the project Albania Customs and maritime controls in the electronic weighing system.

There was also investment in the electronic weightlifting train system, mainly in Armo Sh.a., and this investment was made for the first time in Albania.

At the same time, the company began to expand and develop its activities by offering various professions: Architect, civil engineer, hydrotechnical engineer, topographer, geodesic engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, electrotechnical engineer. SARK Shpk has significantly increased its performance and has been involved in the implementation of projects which are located in Albania for the first time.

Maintenance of roads of the first category of motorways with performance. Over a period of 10 years, the company Sark shpk is a leader in these state investments.
Important forerunners were also introduced in the industry of state construction, public hospital buildings, offices, schools and houses of large dimensions.

Hospital buildings, offices, schools and houses with large dimensions were introduced. 10-15 storey multi-storey buildings. As a leading company, SARK. invests in the implementation of European projects, which for the first time were implemented in the hydroelectric insulation of multi-storey buildings, this project was with the World Bank.

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On the road to success, our company has decided to invest in a manufacturing company for the first time. We bought the machines for the production of doors – windows and thermal facades made of aluminium and for the first time in Albania the PVC line (Plastika), which made us one of the first companies with the logo: Made in Albania.this second company allowed us to take on many huge projects and to complete them successfully in record time.


After the success in Albania, the eyes of our company were focused on growth in the European Union. We took a big step in September 2018 when we founded our company 3 (dritte) SARK1 Gmbh, by taking a close look at Germany and assuming that Germany is the ideal place for this. Immediately

Immediately this year our company was invited by a German company to work on the construction of 3 three-storey villas in the German state. This project was successfully implemented with the full approval of the German company. After the completion of this project SARK1 GmbH was again invited by another company to realize the construction project of a 5-storey building, in which this project was also successfully completed.

We are pursuing an exciting new path. New challenges await us!

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